Framo Morat - PoolCoverDrive


The ideal drive for underwater pool covers

Zero maintenance and long-term watertightness are the indispensable prerequisites for an electrical drive that is to operate with perfect reliability under water – no problem for Framo Morat's PoolCoverDrive equipped with the Aquaseal Technique!

PoolCoverDrive - Technical Data

output torque
300 Nm
holding torque
350 Nm
Output speed
2.8 RPM
at 300 Nm
Idling output speed 3.5 RPM
Reduction ratio
Total drive weight 17,5 kg
IP 68*

* tested operating conditions: water depth 2.5 m, interval operation, test duration 18 months




PoolCoverDrive - Construction

  • Exclusively high-quality materials (316L stainless steel, POM) are used for all parts that are directly in contact with the water. This guarantees highest reliability and a maximum service life.
  • Two housings sealed independently of each other minimise the risk of a leakage.
  • High-quality seals ensure maximum safety at every relevant location.
  • The DryPack prevents the formation of condensation water inside the housing.




On many other drives, in case of incorrect mounting of the drive disk (insufficient axial play), thermal expansion of the winding shaft can apply unallowably high axial loads to the output shaft, which can lead to the blocking of the gear and / or to leakages.

This is why our PoolCoverDrive is equipped with an axial load limitation integrated in the drive disk, which avoids unallowably high axial loads on the output shaft, even in case of an installation without axial play.
This results in a significantly facilitated installation, which in the same time leads to higher safety in operation and less downtime.


The PoolCoverDrive is supplied as standard with device connectors.

The advantages are obvious:

  • More simple mounting
  • Damaged cables or drives can be replaced separately





The PoolCoverDrive convinces with its well thought-out construction and the use of high-quality materials. This makes on the one hand installation easier and, on the other hand, ensures a long and trouble-free product service time.

If you want to learn more about the PoolCoverDrive, simply contact your personal contact person at Framo Morat and / or download the
Technical Information in the PDF format.

You need the Acrobat Reader plugin to open PDF files.
This program is freeware (and thus free of charge) and can be downloaded here


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